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Eastern Urology is a urologist that specialises in bladder irregularities, kidney stones, urinary incontinence, blood in urine, urinary retention or obstruction, scrotum lumps or pain and other issues or problems that relate to the adrenal glands, Kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder, urethra and the male reproductive organs.
Eastern Urology is overseen by Dr Denis O’Sullivan a urologist specialist with over 20 years of experience as a urologist. He’s offered his expert opinion on issues related to urology both in Ireland and abroad for the past 20 years. Eastern Urology caters to private patients only. 

Dr O Sullivan has clinics in the:

Hermitage Clinic, Lucan

The Ban Secours Hospital, Glasnevin

Mullingar Clinic

Navan Clinic

If you would like the advice and/or a diagnosis from an expert urologist, ask your GP or get in contact with Eastern Urology today.

dr o'sullivan

About Dr O’Sullivan

Dr O Sullivan has been a practising urologist for over 20 years. His career has had him acting as the consultant Urologist in Britain and in Ireland. He also worked in American for 2 years. He spent his first year in the Mayo Clinic and one year in the prestigious John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

eastern urology


Urologists specialise in organs such as the urinary bladder, kidneys, adrenal glands etc. Eastern Urology provides expert examinations and diagnose on all bladder irregularities. Furthermore Eastern Urology suggests appropriate treatments for various ailments that affect these areas.

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